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This section of the PECAS Fair is the baking section and much more.  We have classes in perserves, pickling, cookies, cakes, pies and bread.countrykitchen

This is a large section of the fair, with pickling being the largest class.  We have added 3 new classes in the fair in the last 3 years that being, Christmas in September, maple syrup and honey.  These are starting off  slow but we hope over the next couple of years it will pick up.

There also a youth section for children 3 yrs to 15 yrs.  So all you talented people in the kitchen dust of your aprons and lets see what you can do.  I know your out there, the county is full of good cooks.

Support your local fair. See you in September.

Contact Irene Camp 613 476 4502 Director.


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Country Kitchen
Please refer to “Rules for Exhibiting” at front of this book.

Chairperson: Irene Camp – 613-476-4502
Committee: Susan Genereaux, Vera Struthers, Trudy Jones

• Attach entry tag securely to the outside of containers.
• No food entries will be sold on premises due to health regulations.
• “Amateurs Only” 18 years of age and over at the time of fair.
• All baked goods must be homemade from scratch, no exceptions.
• All baked goods must be placed in clear plastic bags on Styrofoam plate or foil covered cardboard.
• Cakes may be shown in transparent cover. Baking to be removed from pans.
• Muffins not to be baked in liners.
• No commercial pie fillings to be used.
• No glass plates to be used.
• All categories open to both men and women.

Prize Money:
Classes 1 to 9 1st – $7.00 2nd – $5.00 3rd – $4.00
Classes 10 to 23 1st – $5.00 2nd – $4.00 3rd – $3.00
Class 25 1st – $7.00 2nd – $5.00 3rd – $3.00
Class 24 1st – $5.00 2nd – $4.00 3rd – $3.00
Classes 30 to 46 1st – $5.00 2nd – $4.00 3rd – $3.00


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Pies and Cakes
Section KPC

• General Appearance: shape, colour, attractive edging
Pie Crust:
• Top Crust – flaky, tender, medium thickness
• Bottom Crust – flaky, well baked, not soggy, medium thickness
• Filling – depth of filling (approximately 3/4 full), should hold shape when cut
• Meringue – golden brown, no beading or weeping. Should touch sides of the crust. Tender, easily cut.
• No glass plates or containers
• Size – medium, uniform thickness of layers
• Shape – evenly risen, slightly rounded top, straight edges
• Colour – even, golden brown
• Crust – tender, thin
• Icing or Frosting – skillfully applied and in good proportion to cake
• Internal Appearance – fine, even grain, slightly moist. Filling must compliment cake.
• Flavour – delicate, pleasing, not over powered by any one ingredients

• No glass plates or containers

1. Fruit Pies a) apple b) raspberry c) cherry d) others
2. Single Crust Pies a) lemon meringue b) pecan c) other
3. Layer Cake, iced a) light b) chocolate
4. Single Pie Shell, baked 9” – 10”
5. Cherry Pound Cake
6. Carrot Cake – with cream cheese icing
7. Angel Food Cake – not iced
8. Any other cake, iced

Special for 150 Canada’s birthday, red and white layer cake, homemade only,
red and white cake (like a marble cake) and red and white icing, be creative.

Cake will be judged on taste, and design.
Prize $150. Sponsor: Mrs. Mini Donuts

Best in Class 7 at request of family – $20.
Cash, Gladys Willis Memorial Award in
Country Baking – Picton Fair
Best in Sections 1b,c,d, 2 & 4
Best in Sections 3, 6, 7 & 8


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Section KB

• General Appearance – size and shape, colour, crust
• Internal Appearance – texture, colour
• Flavour & Aroma – sweet and nutty, free from yeast odour
10. Bread, loaf, white
11. Bread, loaf a) 60% whole wheat b) raisin c) multigrain d) other
12. Bread, loaf, baked from scratch in bread machine a) white b) whole wheat c) other
13. Buns, soft sided Chelsea, – 6 on a plate, must be left joined together
14. Dinner Rolls – individual crusted, 4 on a plate

Best in 10, 11, 12
Best in Sections 13 & 14


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Miscellaneous Foods Section KF

Judging Standards:
• Cookies – uniform size & shape Approximately 2-2 1/2 “ round
• Colour – even
• All cookies, squares, brownies, cup cakes, tarts, muffins, tea biscuits are to be displayed 4 on a plate.
• Homemade pastries only!
15. Cookies, 4 on a plate a) sugar b) chocolate chip c) peanut butter d) oatmeal
16. Brownies, 4 chocolate, not iced
17. Squares, 4 a) date b) lemon
18. Jelly Roll with any filling
19. Fudge, 4 a) chocolate fudge b) maple cream c) other, named
20. Loaf a) date/nut b) zucchini c) banana d) lemon
21. 4 Tarts on plates a) cherry b) raspberry c) taffy/butter* d) other
22. Muffins, 4 a) vegetable b) fruit c) other
23. Tea Biscuits, 4 a) plain b) cheese
24. Honey, a) Buckwheat, i) liquid, ii) solid b) Clover, i) liquid, ii) solid
25. Maple Syrup, a) light, b) medium, c) amber

Best in Classes 24, 25
Best in Classes 15-19
Best in Classes 20-23

* 21C Winner Could Qualify for District Competition


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Christmas in September
Section KCI

Prize Money: 1st – $5.00, 2nd – $4.00, 3rd – $3.00

1. Mincemeat, a) pie, b) tarts, 4 on a plate
2. Fruit cake, a) light (not iced) b) dark (not iced)
3. Shortbread cookies, 4 on a plate
4. Gingerbread cookies, 4 on a plate
5. Homemade Christmas Candy, a) any Christmas candy (idenfitied)
Note: items 3 & 4 can be but, don’t have to be cut in seasonable shapes

Specials: Best in Section KCI


Section KPP

• All jams & jellies & marmalades must be in 250 mL jar.
• Do not use cloth on top of the jars
• Do not use wax on any entries. All entries must be sealed.
Section: Preserves
30. Canned Fruit a) peaches b) applesauce c) other
31. Canned Vegetables a) beets b) other
32. Jam – Diabetic a) strawberry b) raspberry c) freezer d) other
33. Jam a) strawberry b) raspberry c) peach d) freezer f ) other
34. Jelly a) apple b) grape c) other
35. Marmalade a) citrus b) other
36. Cranberry Sauce – 250 mL
37. Chutney a) fruit b) vegetable 250 mL

Best in Class : 32, 33, 34 & 35
Best in 30, 31, 36 & 37


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Section KPP

– Green Food Colouring Must Not Be Used in Pickles!

Section: Pickles, Relishes, Sauces
All in KPP must be in 500 mL jar
38. Pickles a) gherkins b) mustard c) bread & butter d) nine day e) icicle f ) dill g) beets h) other
39. Relishes a) corn b) green cucumber c) green tomato d) other
40. Chili Sauce
41. Tomato Butter
42. Spaghetti Sauce, meatless
43. Salsa a) mild b) hot
44. Flavoured Oils
45. Flavoured Vinegar
46. Pickled Eggs

Best in Classes – 38 – 39
Best in Classes – 40 – 46


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Youth in the Kitchen
Section YK


Prize Money: 1st – $4.00 2nd – $3.00 3rd – $2.00
Age categories: (A) 3-5 years (B) 6-8 years (C) 9-11 years (D) 12-17 years

Class A: Ages 3-5 years
1. Decorate a plain cookie. Decorating only will be judged
2. Make a marshmallow creation
3. Decorate a cupcake as for a birthday. Cupcakes may be purchased. Decorating only to be judged.
Best entry in Class A:

Class B: Ages 6-8 years
4. Rice Krispie Squares – 4 on a plate
5. Cake, iced – cake mix may be used
6. Cookies – any variety 4 on a plate
7. Candy – any variety, 4 on a plate
8. Trail Mix in a baggie – healthy snack
Best entry in Class B:

Class C: Ages 9-11 yrs & 12-17 yrs
All entries must be made from scratch. No mixes to be used.
10. Cake, iced – any variety
11. Cookies – any variety, 4 on a plate
12. Candy – any variety, 4 on a plate
13. Pie – any variety

Class D: Ages 13-16 yrs
14. Cake from scratch – any variety
15. Cookies – any variety, 4 on a plate
16. Squares – any variety named, 4 on a plate
17. Candy –any variety, named, 4 on a plate
18. Pie – any fruit pie

Best entry in Class A
Best entry in Class B
Best entry in Class C
Best entry in Class D
Note: Best Pie in Class C or D


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Country Fair Baking Contest – Youth
Section YBC

Contact: Irene Camp – 613-476-4502
All entries must be made from scratch, NO mixes to be used.

• All entrants must submit entries that were made using the sponsor’s product with product label as proof of
purchase and recipe.
• All first prize winners must sign a release form giving permission to the sponsors to use their name, recipe and
photograph in any advertising or publicity without payment and agree to have photograph taken.
A: Fleischman’s Yeast: Best bread, not machine, standard size loaf, 1st – $15.
B: Robin Hood Flour: Best Homemade Squares. Open to children 12 yrs. and younger. 1st – $15.
C: Chocolate Chip Cookies, 4 on a plate.
1st – $10. Cash, Demorestville Women’s Institute. 10 yrs. and older.
D: Muffins, Applesauce Oatmeal, 4 on a plate. Recipe follows.  • No paper liners to be used.   1st – $10. Cash, Demorestville Women’s Institute.

Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins

1 cup all purpose flour
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup vegetable oil
2/3 cup applesauce
3 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
3/4 cup rolled oats
1 egg
1/3 cup milk
Mix dry ingredients with a fork. In another bowl, beat egg, and then add oil and milk. Stir in applesauce.
Stir this into the dry ingredients, mixing only until moistened. Spoon into greased muffin cups. Bake
at 375 degrees for 20 minutes.
Makes 10 large muffins.

County Fair Baking Contests Sponsors 2017 are as follows:
ACH Foods: Fleischmann’s Yeast and Mazola/Bee Hive Corn Syrup
Smucker Foods of Canada: Robin Hood Flour and Crisco
Tenderflake These websites offer many helpful hints and plenty of recipe ideas that will
assist entrants in baking their prize winning products. so please feel free to post them
in your prize book. So please feel free to check it out.


Country Fair Baking Contest – Adult
Section ABC

Contact: Irene Camp – 613-476-4502
Please refer to “rules of exhibiting” at the front of this book.

Terms & conditions:
• All entrants into the contests must submit entries that were made using the sponsor’s product.
• A product label must accompany each entry, as proof of purchase. One entry only in each class.
• All entries will be judged on appearance, taste, texture and creativity of recipe and presentation. Decision of the fair judge(s) will be final.
• Winner’s name and recipe must be submitted with each entry.
• The fair will forward signed release forms, recipe and photo for the first place winners along with a list of all names and addresses for second and third place.
• Bernardin pectin, jars and lids to be used to qualify for Bernardin prizes.

County Fair Baking Contest:
I. Fleischman’s Yeast – Best bread, multigrain.
1st – $15 + Gift Prize.
2nd – $10 + Gift Prize
J. Robin Hood Flour – Best family favourite cake.
1st – $25 Product Certificates
2nd – $10 Product Certificates
K. Tenderflake – Best pie contest.
1st – Gift Prize
2nd – Gift Prize
L. Mazola & Bee Hive – Best homemade muffins.
1st – $15 + Gift Prize
2nd – $10 + Gift Prize
M. Crisco – Best homemade Raspberry Tarts.
1st – $25 Product Certificate
2nd – $10 Product Certificate
N. Certo – Best jelly entry.
1st – $20 Product Certificate
2nd – $10 Product Certificate
O. Bernardin Best of Show Award – Best home canning entry using sponsor’s products. Prize chosen by Judge.
1st – $30 Gift Certificate +
Rosette Ribbon
P. Bernardin Jam Award – Best jam entry.
1st – $20 Gift Certificate +
Rosette Ribbon
Q. Bernardin Gift Pack Competition – Best gift pack.
1st – $20 Gift Certificate +
Rosette Ribbon
R. Bernardin Snap Lid/Mason Jar
Creative Craft Award – Best decorative or functional homemade craft using a Bernardin mason jar(s) and/or 2-piece
Snap Lid.
1st – $20 Gift Certificate +
Rosette Ribbon


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