Chairperson: Laverne Hegadorn (613) 476-4859
Committee: Lanny & Carolynne Hegadorn

Judge: Murray Youngwoodworking

1. Furniture a) chair b) table c) cabinet d) dresser e) other
2. Toy
3. Clock
4. Turnings a) bowl/vase b) candlestick(s) c) other
5. Carvings, painted a) bird b) animal c) other
6. Carvings, unpainted a) bird b) animal c) other
7. Scroll Saw Work a) plaqued b) assembled c) Instarsia
8. Scroll Saw Intsrsia a) animal b) bird c) other
9. Shelf a) wall b) standing
10. Best use of recycled wood a) plaque b) assembled c) other
11. Birdhouse a) hanging b) other
12. Birdfeeder a) hanging b) other
13. Ornaments a) Wind b) Lawn c) other
14. Model/Reproduction
15. Christmas Ornament
16. Lamp
17. Wood Burning a) animal b) bird c) scenery d) other
18. Miniature Woodworking
19. Ferris wheel

20. Antiques, must be at least 100 years old. Exhibitor should own article and
refinished the item. a) small table / or coffee table b ) chair c) antique game or gameboard

$15.00 Special – Pr.Ed. Agricultural Society

2017 Sponsor for the Woodcraft Specials
Best in Section WJ:
1st- $10 Cash, Doug Pitt, Picton
Best in Section WI:
1st- $10 Cash, Doug Pitt, Picton
Best in Section WA:
1st- $10 Cash, Doug Pitt, Picton

Wood Craft Section W
Please refer to “Rules for Exhibiting” at the front of this book.
Special Entry Information for this section:
• Section is subdivided by age: WA – Adult – 18 & over WI – Intermediate- 14 to 17 years WJ – Junior- 13 & under
• Although classes are specified below, please bring any other articles and classes will be made at the discretion of the Chairperson.
Prize Money: 1st – $5.00; 2nd – $4.00; 3rd – $3.00


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