Chairperson: Robyn Lewis (613) 827-5252
Committee: Nell Casson, Chrissy Poitrasyouth

Sponsored in part by The Kiwanis Club of Picton: : The motto of Kiwanis International is “Young Children Priority One”. To further this cause, the Kiwanis Club of Picton has chosen to make a donation towards the prize money for the Youth Exhibitor’s Section.
Also, the Kiwanis Club of Picton sponsors the Terrific Kids program which is now operating in CML Snider Elementary School, Wellington, Deseronto Public School, Holy Name of Mary School, Marysville, Kente School, Pinecrest Memorial Public School, Sophiasburgh Central School, Athol Central School, St. Gregory’s Catholic School, Picton, Sonrse Christian Academy, Picton, Massassaga-Rendersville School and Queen Elizabeth School, Picton.

Special Entry Information for this Section:
• Each exhibitor must have their own number.
• It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to complete the entry form and tags. Entry tag must be signed by the exhibitor.
• Entries will be received at the Blue Bird Building adjacent to the Crystal Palace, Thursday between 2 and 9pm. Pick up is
on Sunday between 5 and 7pm.
• Placements and removal of exhibits will be completed by Society personnel or under the direction of Society personnel.
• Items should be secured properly and ready for display upon drop-off.
• Entry forms are to be presented for entitlement of exhibit.
• Please bring your entries in a cardboard box, boxes may be stored at the Bluebird and used for pick up.
Prize Money for all Sections: 1st – $4.00 2nd – $3.00 3rd – $2.50

Judging Divisions:
A – 3 to 5 years, must be child’s own work
B – 6 to 9 years, must be child’s own work
C – 10 to 12 years, must be child’s own work
D – 13 to 15 years, must be youth’s own work
• Art must be mounted on Bristol board
or matt with 1” border and ready to be
hung; framed work or canvases will also
be accepted. Items not suitable for display
will not be judged.
• Photos must be mounted on Bristol
board with 1” boarder and ready to be
hung. Owing to space restrains framed
photos will not be accepted.
• All items must be handmade, no kits.

Creativity In Art & Writing
Section YC
Contact: Robyn Lewis (613) 827-5252
Reminder – 2-D work must have a border or otherwise
ready for display.
1. Drawing – Pencil only
2. Drawing – Any other Media
3. Painting – Watercolour
4. Painting – Any other Media
5. Collage any Media (not photography)
6. Superhero 2D – Any Media
7. 2-D picture made from Natural materials
8. 2-D – Other Writing and Penmanship
9. Original Short Story up to 1-page
10. Bound Book, more than 1-page
11. Original Poem
12. Penmanship – 4-6 lines or more of transcribed writing with authors name
Best in Section YC:
A – 3-5 years: 1 Regent Theatre Pass
B – 6-9 years: 1 Regent Theatre Pass
C – 10-12 years: 1 Regent Theatre Pass
D – 13-15 years: 1 Regent Theatre Pass


Section YP
Contact: Robyn Lewis (613) 827-5252
Digital / 35 mm, must have 1 inch border to be judged.
Owing to space restraints framed works can not be accepted.
13. Animal a) farm b) pet c) wild
14. Landscape
15. Sunset
16. Winter Scene
17. Flower – single
18. Flower – Group
19. Vegetables
20. Life on the Farm
21. Family
22. Abstract
23. Humorous with caption
24. Collage of photography
Best in Section YP:
A – 3-5 years: $10. Peggy deWitt Photography
B – 6-9 years: $10. Peggy deWitt Photography
C – 10-12 years: $10. South Wind Photography
D – 13-15 years: $10. Sicabelle Photography

Creativity from My Hands
Section YH
Contact: Robyn Lewis (613) 827-5252
25. Knitted or Crochet article
26. Hand sewn article
27. Machine sewn article
28. Puppet
29. Beaded Jewellery a) earrings b) necklace c) bracelet d) key ring
30. Jewellery – Other technique
a)earrings b)neck lace c)bracelet
d)key ring
31. Refrigerator magnet – any material
32. Mask – any material
33. Wind Chimes
34. Musical Instrument
35. Clay Sculpture
37. Garden I tem – Stepping stone
38. Collection of Items from Nature – displayed in a box or book
39. Collection of any other items – displayed in a box or book (ex, stickers, stamps, cars etc)
40. Diorama
41. Lego Creation (no Kits) – Vehicle
42. Lego Creation (no Kits) – Building
43. Lego Creation (no Kits) – Statue or Sculpture
44. Other – any materials
45. Popsicle Stick Sculpture Christmas in the County
46. Wreath
47. Centerpiece
48. Tree Ornament
49. Garland
Best in Section YH
A. 3-5 years: 1 Regent Theatre Pass
B. 6-9 years: 1 Regent Theatre Pass
C. 10-12 years: 1 Regent Theatre Pass
D. 13-15 years: 1 Regent Theatre Pass


Special Canada Day Celebration
Section Y150

50.Poster, any media
51. Hat, your own creation
52. Hand written anthem lyrics
53. Why do you love Canada? – Hand written
54. Logo Canadian Flag
55. Canadian scene diorama

Best in Section Y150
A. 3-5 years: – $20. Southwinde Photography & Sicabelle Photography
B. 6-9 years: – 2 Regent Theatre Passes
C. 10-12 years: – Kelly’s Prize Pack
D. 13-15 years: – Prize from Pet Value



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