Rental Agreement between the Prince Edward Agricultural Society (Picton Fair) and Vendor


Dear Friends of the Picton Fair

The Board of Directors of the Pr. Ed. Agricultural Society wishes to invite you to participate in its commercial
vending program at the annual Picton Fair: a Prince Edward County tradition for 181 years which now attracts
approximately 10,000 patrons annually.
The 2017 Edition will be held September 08, 09 and 10th.
On the attached pages, please find the “Terms and Conditions” of our vendor policy along with the supporting
application form.
Take time to review the content carefully prior to completing the application form.
We are looking forward to renewing acquaintances with exhibitors from previous years as well as welcoming
new participants to the Picton Fair program.
Thank you for your patronage and we hope that you will enjoy your time inPicton.
Hoping to hear from you soon.

Susan Jones


Picton Fair Office –  613-­‐476-­‐6154
Website –




  1. In the matter of Commercial General Insurance for the protection of Vendors and the public. Commercial Vendors are required to carry their own with minimum limits of $1,000,000.00. Non food vendors. Food vendors are required to carry their own insurance with a minimum of $2,000,000.00. Commercial Vendors must include proof of their insurance in effect for the current year with submission of their contract application for rental space. Vendors shall set up all display materials and items on display in the rented space safely and free from any hazards which could cause injury to the public.
  2. Vendor shall supply all items needed to display his or her products including tables, chairs, extension cords etc. Outside vendor should have a 100’ outside approved extension cord.
  3. Vendor shall refrain from using nails, screws, staples, tacks or any kind of tape to affix to any part of building in which the rented space is located.
  4. Light switches, exit signs or fire alarm devices must not be covered
  5. When the rented space is located on a paved surface. Vendor shall not damage the pavement in any way but shall provide any weights or sand bags necessary to secure signs, standards, tent poles etc.
  6. Any dispute involving the Vendors shall be referred to the Fair Secretary or committee for settlement.
  7. Vendor shall not sublet or assign any part of his or her rented space without the consent of E.A.S. All such proposals shall be referred to the Fair Secretary for approval.
  8. Vendor shall be solely responsible for the care and safety of his or her displays and stock. All buildings will be closed and secured at the times listed in the Fair program.
  9. E.A.S will provide security during the hours after the Fair closes. However, P.E.A.S. does not accept responsibility for loss of or damage to Vendor’s displays and stock from any cause whatsoever.
  10.  Vendor may set up his or her displays on the Wednesday or Thursday prior to the Fair opening on the Friday. A P.E.A.S. designate will be on the grounds to direct the Vendor to his or her rented space. All displays must be complete and in place when the Fair is opened officially on the Friday morning and shall remain until the closing of the Fair at 5:00 p.m. Sunday. Displays must be removed in their entirety by 12:00 noon on Monday following the Fair.
  11. Vendor’s vehicle is not permitted to drive into a Vendor court during operating hours of the Fair. P.E.A.S requires that all vendors’ indoor and outdoor displays be manned and open to the public during the hours of the Fair.
  1. Drug or drug paraphernalia, guns, knives of any description, fireworks, tobacco products, unlicensed or boot-legged merchandise is not permitted to be displayed or sold. In case of any dispute the decision of the P.E.A.S Board of Directors will be final.
  1. The use of any loud public address system or horns, radios, or flashing lights will not be allowed, any other creative methods must have approval from rental space Committee.

NON PROFIT groups offering any kind of fund raising methods,  tickets, coupons , brochures or any other creative methods can ONLY do so within the BOUNDERIES of that groups rented space designated by the rental space Committee.

  1. Vendor must adhere to and comply with the Ontario and Municipal Fire Safety Codes, Hydro One Regulations, Ontario Technical Standards Authority (TSSA) and the Regulations of the Hastings and Prince   Edward Health Unit.
  2. Vendor selection shall be dealt with by P.E.A.S. on a “FIRST CONTRACT WITH PAYMENT RECEIVED” basis. P.E.A.S. will strive to ensure a good mix of Vendors with a variety of products in the best interest of the Vendors and the public.
  3. P.E.A.S. will not give any Vendor exclusive rights but will try to limit the number of similar Vendors so that all Vendors will have a profitable experience. To assist in this a Vendor should give a full description of his or her business and should list all of the products intended to be displayed for sale.

Please read the rules carefully.


Susan Jones – 613 – 476 – 8530


We are looking forward to renewing acquaintances with exhibitors from previous years as well as welcoming new participants to the Picton Fair program. Thank you for your patronage and we hope that you will enjoy your time in Picton.

Please print and complete the form below. Once completed, please bring

to the office with your payment before the due date.:  AUGUST 01


Vendor Application